Today in Bulgaria we celebrate Easter Sunday! Since this year we celebrate a week after our catholic friends now we want to wish you health and joy and wonderful family time during the holidays. We also take the chance to tell you a bit about bulgarian Easter traditions.

The most popular one is about the eggs that we dye on Holy Thirsday or Holy Saturday. The first egg is dyed in red and is a symbol of health and good furtune for the family. On Saturday, after the midnight service and over the next few days comes the “good luck crack with eggs”.  People take turns in tapping their eggs against the eggs of others, and the person who ends up with the last unbroken egg is believed to have a year of good luck.

The most official part of the celebration are the Saturday services that start at 11 p.m. Families and friends attend church together and when the clock strikes midnight, they greet each other with the words Hristos vozkrese (Christ has risen). The priest and faithful walk around the church three times with lit candles in hand. The belief is if one has been a good Christian, his candle will not go out no matter how strong the wind might be, because he has no sins.

Sunday is reserved for family time and is spent with great food – on the table is laid kozunak, symbolizing the body of Christ and lamb, representing the Paschal Lamb.

Enjoy the holidays and spent the best time with your loved ones,

Yours ESN UACEG team :)